How I Can Serve You

Virtual Bookkeeping Services

Outsourced Accounting Benefits

  • Fixed monthly cost based on the needs of the company
  • No need to pay employment taxes, benefits, sick leave or paid vacations
  • Results oriented
  • Streamline the financial operations of the business
  • Assistance with cutting costs as needed and improving efficiencies
  • Higher quality individual to assist as a business advisor, not just a clock in/clock out employee

Some bookkeeping services include:

  • Initial setup in QuickBooks Online
  • Daily activities recorded and organized
  • Transactions matched to bank statements and outstanding checks reviewed
  • Credit card activity entered and reconciled – balances managed
  • Loans recorded and verified – amortization schedule properly recorded
  • Assets recorded and updated – depreciation and amortization schedule followed
  • Record employee earnings and taxes paid as per payroll reports
  • Monthly deliver: Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flow, and Income Statement (P&L)
  • Manage and file sales tax
  • Bill pay management (AP)
  • AR management and invoicing

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Tax Services

If you are looking to file your taxes and not wanting to deal with going to a tax filing office, I help you. With my assistance you can:

  • Continue with your regular routine
  • Receive safe and accurate service
  • Get the best possible return
* Individual Tax Preparation & planning
* Corporate, Partnership, & LLC Tax Services
* Estate & Trust Tax Services
* Sales Tax Reporting

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Financial Planning

Financial Statements

  • Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, & Income Statement (P&L) delivered monthly
  • Any custom reports you may need or want delivered  as needed
  • Monthly conference to explain and help you undertand the main reports to give you better control of your business
  • Your books will be organized and lawfully compliant

Financial Oversight

We find ways to:

  • Minimize expenses
  • Limit liabilities
  • Maximize profit

As certified bookkeeping professionals we act with integrity and ensure you know how your money is working. 

Benchmarking and Budgeting

We help you gain a clear focus on your bottom line and know where your cash flow is coming from and not just where it’s going. This allows you to leverage your revenue to make proactive and not reactive decisions.

  • You will be prepared for unexpected emergencies
  • Track business cash so you know your financial position
  • Manage cash to control spending so you won’t have to worry about running out of money
  • Know how you stack up against your competition
  • Understand what the numbers mean
  • Be able to  target, streamline and refine job costing
  • You will find ways to save time and money, therefore increasing profits

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Year End Reporting, Clean up and New Business set up

Year end reporting

  • Year end statements ready for your CPA or us to do your taxes
  • Year end 1099s prepared and filed
  • Books properly closed and ready for the new year

Clean Up

  • Historical clean up of your current bookkeeping system
  • Business set up in QuickBooks Online
  • Any previous transactions not recorded or reconciled will be completed

new Business set up

Set up is easy as I handle everything.

  • Advising how to create a paperless bookkeeping system
  • QuickBooks Online set up for your new business
  • You will have up-to-date information first hand from business start up

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