Barbara Johnson

Strategic Accountant

Specializing in Heart-Centered Holistic Health& Wellness Businesses

No stress professional bookkeeping and tax preparation

Giving you the freedom to do what you love most!

As “The Strategic Accountant”, I free my clients so that they can do what they love most. My services are designed to allow business owners stress-free tax time, knowledge for growth, and peace of mind knowing they can focus on their business and enjoy life. Backed by a team of industry experts, I provide you with the tools to focus your energy toward building your business, reaching your goals, or just knowing your “numbers” without losing time with family and friends.

Business Owners Come to Me When They:

Entrepreneurs Today Are Tired Of:

After Working With Me My Clients:

A business lives or dies based on whether the CEO has up-to-date financial information. Survival depends on having their books done by a professional like myself who understands all the tax-saving deductions available.

I am your outsourced CFO. I lighten your load by taking the weight of your books, tax prep, and budgeting, off your shoulders. I educate you in reading the financial statements and reports so that you can make business decisions that grow the bottom line.

Don’t waste any more time or money because you don’t know your numbers. Instead, contact me today so I can show you how to make your books work for you instead of weighing you down. Send me a message here on LinkedIn or schedule a 30-minute consult.

How Can I Serve You?

Virtual Bookkeeping

Fixed Monthly Cost

Results Oriented

Manage & File Taxes

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Tax Services

Individual Tax Preparation

Corporate, Partnership, & LLC

Estate & Trust Tax Reporting

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Financial Planning

Financial Statements

Financial Oversight

Benchmarking & Budgeting

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Additional Services

Year End Reporting

Clean Up

New Business Setup

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Why Choose Me?

Always Accurate

With over 15 years of experience working with small businesses, and access to an exclusive group of over 10,000 accountants, CPAs and bookkeepers from all over the US, you can be guaranteed that your transactions and records will be kept up-to-date and accurate.

Always on time

I have many years experience and many happy clients. On time with bookkeeping and never missed a tax deadline.

Exceptional Availability

Responds to communication within 24-48 hours. Sunday is a day off. – Phone, email, and video support are available.

Maximum Profitability

Monthly conference to review financial statements giving you the ability to make proactive decisions instead of reactive decisions/

hard working

Always up to the task and will see it through to the end

Classified Transactions

Daily activities recorded and organized. Transactions matched to the bank statements and outstanding checks.

What Clients Say

Nishoni Harvey

Miss Barbara is, hands-down, the best bookkeeper and tax professional I have ever dealt with. I have worked with a number of them. Not only did she complete my tax return last year, which she did quicker than expected and with much better results than expected, but she’s also my bookkeeper for not one, but TWO of my businesses! She’s amazing! Somehow, she can keep things straight that I jumble just thinking about. She tosses numbers around like their playthings and spits out helpful information, solving my “impossible problems” before I can even finish explaining them to her! If you’re looking for a friendly, yet professional bookkeeper who can complete tasks in a timely manner and who always adds that “special ingredient” that makes everything turn out right, you’re looking for “The Bookkeeper with a Heart,” Barbara Johnson! I love you Barbara!

~ Nishoni Harvey, Founder and CEO of Your Inkwell & Nishoni Harvey Ink

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